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CEO Message

All about Media!
Media Specialist, Gom&Company


My name is Lee, Byungki,
and I am the CEO of Gom & Company.

Establishment in 1999,
Gom & Company has grown to become one
of Korea’s leading IT companies specializing
in video software development and
content platform services.

With the focus on, Make, Play & Share a Video with GOM,
we have developed and provided various media software,
OTT content platform services, and are continuously
expanding into local and overseas markets.
Our Research and Development Division (R&D) focuses on
and improving our core technologies,
and consumer-customizable products.
Our mission is to create a safe widespread online environment,
for consuming-producing-sharing videos.

Under the slogan, All about Media, Gom & Company,
will continue to stride as innovators, creators,
and leaders in the video industry.

Thank you.

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