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Mission We provide benefit and joy to mankind through information technology (IT).

Vision We provide everything you need for
digital entertainment.

Core Value We create things that go beyond customers' needs.
We constantly change and challenge.
We cooperate and communicate.

Business Area

Multimedia Content Sector GOM TV is Joyful TV
GOM TV provides a variety of entertainment services, including movies, dramas, entertainment, comedy, and music. We have expanded our services to include mobile TV, GOM TV, and curated service aids. We bring pleasure to our users by providing various online-based entertainment services, such as movies, dramas, entertainment, comedy, music, and video highlights. We make sure to lead an appropriate content distribution system with the Good Downloader Campaign.

Software Sector GOM is a leader in the video market by enabling our users to create and share their content beyond the current trends. GOM constantly develops programs that allow the entire world use multimedia files easily and forever. Powerful subtitle functions and supporting various platforms (PC, MAC, and mobile devices) are the strength of GOM products. We feel that we have a duty to ensure that everyone can use their multimedia files without limitation.

Global IT Distribution Sector Founded in Japan, Gom&Company is taking the lead in introducing and disseminating the IT capabilities and potential of Korea. GOM Player has made many achievements, including reaching the top rank in Vector in 2006, the largest download site in Japan. Based on our expertise, we support outstanding Korean and international developers who have excellent technology, but lack distribution channels for the global market.


Gom&Company Building,
216 Gaepo-ro, Gangnam-gu, 135-964, Seoul, Korea


  • FoundedFeburary 11, 1999
  • CEOByung ki Lee
  • Main BusinessInternet Services, Software, IT,
    Production and Broadcasting
  • HeadquartersGom&Company Building,
    216 Gaepo-ro, Gangnam-gu, 135-964, Seoul, Korea
  • Head Office Phone1688-3990

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