Over 300,000 contents
7,000,000 average users

Experience all the fun of videos with GOMTV.
GOM is an online-based TV channel network which
provides a variety of entertainment contents including
movies, dramas, entertainment, games, music, etc.
A large variety of the latest and free content updated
on a daily basis. Convenient and user friendly with
the goal of providing the most enjoyable experience
for viewers.

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Partnerships with major companies

The following companies have partnered in association/cooperation with Gom&Company to enrich our services. We work hard together to bring you even greater value.

Software business

  • 곰플레이어 플러스new
    GOM Player Plus

    GOM Player Plus is the next evolution to GOM Player free version.GOM Player Plus still provides all of the capabilities as GOM Player, but with added major upgrades: No Advertisements, an Upgraded UI for easy and quick usage, Significant performance upgrade.

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  • gom camnew
    GOM Cam

    You can record everything with GOM Cam, including your PC screens, webcam feed, and game screens. GOM Cam also records all audio outputs from your PC, allowing you to make more dynamic videos.

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  • 곰믹스new

    Even complete beginners can now edit videos. Amateurs can edit videos just like a professional! Try making any kind of video, such as homework presentations, anniversary recordings, and action-cam sports videos easily and simply.

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  • 곰플레이어
    GOM Player for PC

    Optimized video player GOM Player is repre -senting Korea, in over 230 countries around the world! It possesses powerful features which enable users to enjoy content such as subtitle support and a variety of add-ons.

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  • 곰플레이어 MAC
    GOM Player for MAC

    GOM Player is also available for MAC users All the popular features including subtitle support are which are available on the windows version can be enjoy on the mac.

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  • 곰오디오
    GOM Audio for PC

    High sound quality music player Enjoy a clean and realistic sound! Get impressed by the sounds quality of the best music.

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  • 곰브릿지
    GOM Bridge

    Easily manage media files. Click on one to help you manage your media files with GOM Player supported audio programs! Find frequently used folders and files fast, user friendly, and has cloud storage capabilities.

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  • 곰스튜디오
    GOM Studio

    Anybody can now easily broadcast a radio program! Anybody can easily make a broadcast by using the easy interface and a variety of useful functions.

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  • 곰리모트
    GOM Remote

    PC GOM Player and GOM Audio can now be controlled on your smartphone! You can use GOM Remote easily, anytime and anywhere.

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  • 곰비디오 컨버터
    GOM Video Converter

    Easy Video Encoding Video editing made easy! Just a few clicks allows you to edit and enjoy videos from a variety of devices.

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  • 곰녹음기
    GOM Recorder

    Easy to use computer sound recorder I can hear the full sound from my computer! It records everything, whether your watching movies and internet lectures or voice recording with a microphone.

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  • 곰DJ
    GOM DJ

    Broadcasting music without specialized equipment If you have a computer and the Internet, you can be a DJ without any other specialized equipment! With simple use of the mouse you can create high quality music.

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