• 12CEO Lee byung-ki won the presidential commendation for 'Software Industry Day'
  • 11Selected as the Top 10 at 'Softwave Awards 2021'
  • 09Launch of 'GOM Mix Max'
  • 09Launch of 'GOM Mix Market for B2B'
  • 07A method and apparatus for automatically converting web content to video content (Patented)
  • 04Signed AI voice recognition and automatic translation technology MOU with Hancom Intelligence.
  • 11Launch of 'GOM Player for iOS'
  • 11Method for play processing of lecture type content and apparatus play processing the same (Patented)
  • 11Signed SW human resource development MOU with Innovation Academy
  • 07Awarded IT Innovation Services at the 5th Customer Satisfaction Award
  • 06Signed MOU with Community Media Foundation
  • 01System and method for processing image files (Patented)
  • 11Launch of 'GOM Meme Maker'
  • 10Launch of 'GOM Mix' for Android
  • 09Launch of 'Whosfan'(K-POP Platform)
    'GOM Mix Pro' Selected 'Digital Information Ability Test(DIAT)' Software
  • 08Launch of 'GOMMIX Web'
  • 03Launch of 'GOM Meme'
    Started joint business of KPOP platform(HANTEO Global)
  • 02GOM & Company 20th anniversary
  • 09Intermediate advertisement positioning for video contents (Patented)
  • 08Waiting service and video contents distribution system (Patented)
  • 06Launch of Ait (New concept OTT)
  • 03Video contents reorganization and transmitting technology (Patented)
  • 03Change of company name and appointment of new CEO, Byungki
    Certified as “Global Hidden Champion” by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups (2017-2020)
  • 11Launch of 'GOM Saver'
  • 12Selected Best Company from Seoul City (Hi Seoul)
  • 11Launch of ‘GOM Cam’
    Launch of 'Kocowa'
  • 05GOM player updated - Gesture motion function
  • 02Selected as a gold member of COST (Certified Original Software Territory)
    2 million downloads for ‘GOM Mix’
  • 12GOM player updated - 360-degree VR playback capability function
  • 11Launch of ‘GOM Mix’, ‘GOM Studio’, ‘GOM Bridge’ ,and ‘Ade’
    Partnership agreement between ‘GOMTV’ and ‘SMR’
  • 08Launch of premium movie review service ‘Movie & GOM’
  • 06Exclusive live streaming of UMF as official sponsor
  • 05Hosted ‘Dodge Tournament’ (Snack Game in the ‘GOM Player’)
  • 04‘Information Security Management System’ Certification
  • 04Launch of ‘GOMTV Season3’
    Launch of ‘GOM Player’, ‘GOM Audio’ and ‘GOM Bridge’ Mobile App
    Hosted ‘GSL Global Tournament’
    ‘2nd European short film festival’ Sponsorship
  • 03e-sports league transmission via FX channel, global men’s channel of GOMeXP
  • 02Launch of “GOMeXP(iOS, Android)
    Hosted ‘GCC(GOM eXP Creative Challenge)’
    MoU signed with ‘Wemakeprice’
    Hosted ‘GOM Classic Season 4’
  • 01Launch of e-sports brand ‘GOMeXP’
    Launch of ‘GOMGUIDE Application’
  • 12Launch of mobile culture commerce ‘Ticket in pocket Application’
    Participated in a ‘clean download campaign’
    Launch of integrated culture guide service, ‘GOMGUIDE’
  • 08Launch of Broadcast Highlight video service, ‘3 minunte TV’
  • 05Hosted ‘World of Tanks-in Korea league’
  • 04Hosted ‘WCS Korea Season 1 Mangosix GSL”
    Commencement of GSL 24-hour service
    Hosted ‘Freestyle 2 online e-sports league’ via ‘GOMTV’
    Hosted ‘Sudden attack summer champions league’
  • 03‘News Culture’ integrated into the News media division
    Launch of ‘GOMTV Season2’
    Launch of ‘GOMTV Gangnam Studio’
    Launch of ‘GOM Remote (iOS, Android)’
  • 01Hosted ‘GSL Season 1’
  • 12Hosted ‘GSL Blizzard Cup’
  • 11Launch of ‘GOM Audio-Ver. ENG&JP’
  • 10Launch of ‘GOM Player-Ver. Español’
    ‘GOM Audio 2.0’ updated
  • 09Hosted "HOTSIX GSL Season 5"
  • 08Launch of ‘kr.gomtv.net(Game video channel)’
  • 07Hosted “HOTSIX GSL Season 4”
  • 06GOMTV, enter the Performing Market
  • 05Hosted “HOTSIX GSTL Season 2”
  • 04Hosted ‘Freestyle 2 online e-sports league’ via ‘GOMTV’
    Hosted ‘GSTL Finals’ in Las Vegas, USA’
    Strategic partnership with JCE
  • 03Launch of smart media platform, ‘GOM Box’
  • 02Strategic partnership with China’s MarsTV
  • 01Hosted “HOTSIX GSL Season 1”
  • 12GOMTV, first to livestream UFC(Ultimate Fighting Championship)
    Hosted “GSL Blizzard cup”
  • 10Live streaming of MLG in Korean
    Hosted ‘SONY Ericsson GSL Oct. Finals’ in Bizzcon Anaheim, USA’
  • 07Hosted “Pepsi GSL July”
  • 04Launch of GOMTV Service for MAC users
    Hosted ‘LG Cinema 3D World Championship’
    Strategic partnership with China’s ‘NeoTV’ Korea's first e-sports league advance into China
  • 03Hosted ‘2nd INTELⓡCore GSL Mar’
    Strategic partnership with ‘LG Electronics’ on Cinema 3D & GSL related
  • 02‘Daewon Broadcasting’ GSL related Sign a strategic partnership
  • 01Hosted ‘SONY Ericsson GSL.Jan’
    Reach 100 million views for ‘GSL(Global StarCraft League)’
  • 11Hosted ‘SONY Ericsson Starcraft II Open Season 3’
    Live streaming of 2010 Asian Games-Guangzhou via GOMTV
  • 10Hosted ‘SONY Ericsson Starcraft II Open Season 2’
  • 09Hosted ‘TG-INTEL Starcraft II Open Season 1’
  • 06‘Good Downloader Campaign’ Sponsorship
  • 05Exclusive partnership with ‘Blizzard Entertainment’ on e-sports broadcasting
    Social networking function added to ‘GOMTV.com & Mobile GOM’
  • 01GOMTV first in Korea to provide immediate contents download and replay service for contents on National TV (KBS, MBC & SBS)
    Hosted ‘World of Warcraft’‘Bettle of the starred’
  • 10GOMTV first in Korea to provide immediate contents download and replay service for contents on National TV (KBS, MBC)
    Hosted ‘HP Pavilion the named season 3’
    Livestreaming of ‘Mister World Korea’
  • 08Livestreaming of NAROHO-space Rocket launch via GOMTV
  • 06Livestreaming of 2009 Asia Dream Concert via GOMTV
    Hosted ‘Microsoft Korea sidewinder the named season 2:World of warcraft’
    Hosted ‘2009 Norton Antivirus World invitational’
  • 04First in South Korea to provide legitimate online content downloading service
  • 03Hosted ‘TG-INTEL Classic Season 3’
  • 01‘GOM Player’, 1st place in software-Download.com (USA)
  • 10Hosted ‘Dell-INTEL the named Season 1 : World of Warcraft’
  • 09Hosted ‘TG-INTEL Classic Season 2’
    Hosted ‘Microsoft Explorer 3.0 Sudden attack’
  • 08Production of ‘K-SWISS Cart Championship”
  • 07Production of ‘MountainDew Changchun League’
  • 06Launch of online VOD service for newly released movies
  • 04Hosted ‘K-SWISS the named Season : World of warcraft’
    Hosted ‘TG-INTEL Classic Season 1’
  • 11Awarded Minister of information and communication at the Korea Internet Awards
  • 08GOM Audio to become No.1 most used music player after Winamp, rival software in South Korea
  • 05‘JAM Fighter’ Exports to North America and entry into China
  • 12Launch of GOM TV channel ‘GOM School’
    ‘GOMTV’, ‘MSL’ Official Sponsorship
    Awarded Digital Innovation Presidential Award
    Awarded Prime minister prize of Korea Internet Grand Prize
    Selected as “Internet Company of the Year” by Kinternet, the Korea Internet Corporations Association
  • 08System and a method for providing multimedia contents on demand(patent)
  • 03Launch of Internet TV service 'GOMTV'
  • 01‘GOM Player’ enters China market
    Launch of ‘GOM Player’ 2.0 Beta
  • 11‘File bank’ of GRETECH Japan was selected within the six keywords that can enjoy Internet in 2006.
    ‘GOM Player’ ranked no.1 on Japan's largest download site(www.vector.co.jp)
    Launch of closed-beta service for online action game ‘JAM Fighter’
  • 08System for managing auxiliary contents like subtitle files for multimedia contents and its methods (Patented)
  • 01GOM Player, awarded ‘Top 10 Excellence Award’ from the Patent and Trademark Office
  • 10Establishment of GRETECH Japan
  • 09Launch of ‘GOM Audio’
  • 07Digital video player and its methods (Patented)
  • 06Reorganization of 'Popdesk' into entertainment portal 'IPOP'
  • 03System, method and recording medium for protecting an image content using an overlay area of a video adaptor (patent)
  • 10Awarded prime minister prize at Venture Company Awards
  • 07Awarded 1st place in the web storage sector at the 5th Korea industrial Internet power (KWPI)
  • 01Launch of ‘GOM Player’
  • 11Managing system for web-based desktop service (Patented)
  • 04Launch of first mobile game with wired & wireless connection
  • 12Awarded achievement award from Korea Internet Business Association
  • 10Launch of Mobile Network Game Platform ‘GAMIO’
  • 02Launch of Web OS Service ‘POP Desk’
  • 02Establishment of GRETECH.Corp

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주식회사 곰앤컴퍼니(이하 '당사'라 함)은 영상정보처리기기 운영 관리 방침을 통해 당사에서 처리하는 영상정보가 어떠한 용도와 방식으로 이용, 관리되고 있는지 알려드립니다.


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당사는 각종 청소년 유해정보로부터 청소년을 보호 하기 위해 청소년보호법, 정보통신망 이용촉진 및 정보보호에 관한 법률등 정부지침과 자체 서비스 운영정책에 따라 만19세 미만 청소년의 유해정보접근을 방지하기 위해 아래와 같은 활동을 하고 있습니다.


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